The grape arbor picnic area adjacent to the Orchard Café is a wonderful place to eat and drink. Order off the Café menu and sit in the shade. You can contact us to book small groups for a tasting delight. Fresh local food and refreshments just taste better!
Bowery & Beer Garden
Orchard Cafe: Food from the tree to your table !
Join us on the deck of our Orchard Café. Discover an evolving menu, that follows the seasons of the on farm production,

The Orchard Cafe is OPEN! Weekends from 8:30 - 2:30 PM. Come and try our new Menu!
Fresh and Natural ingredients become meals and moments you will remember at the hands of our talented chef. Add a tantalizing beverage and be reminded of the simple pleasures of enjoying fine food in an exceptional location. Fresh fruits & vegetables, Home made fruit Juice, Smoothie, Ice cream, Salads, Burgers, Vegetarian food, Local Wine, Local Beer, Coffee , and much more...
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