“Wine Tasting and Foodism Night” is a successful cultural event organized by Gatzke Orchards. Stay tuned for upcoming “Wine Tasting and Foodism” at the Bowery, on our farm in Oyama from June to September.
Stay Tuned for upcoming Wine Tasting & Foodism Nights Call or e-mail us to inquire about booking an Event. Follow our events planning this summer on Facebook,
The Bowery is a beautiful open air yet protected venue surrounded by a grape trellis. It is a naturally comfortable and shady area. Everyone has the opportunity to sample the selection of wines while savoring gourmet treats made according to our FLOS mentality. (Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal) Cheese, fruit, vegetables, herbs all from local producers, prepared on site and served while drinking in the ambiance. This is a wonderful opportunity and environment for you to enjoy a unique experience, and discover the story behind the event. This very successful wine series event is in its third year and accesses peoples who are very interested in Okanagan Wines.
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